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June 11, 2006

Attention: RSS Subscribers to this Weblog!

Some folks reading this have been using my blog's free RSS (Real Simple Syndication) capability to assure yourselves that you'll know immediately each time I post a new entry. If that describes YOU...

(A) Hearty thanks. Your loyalty warms my hearts; and

(B) Now please pay attention!!! I am re-routing my RSS feeds today so that I will have a better way of monitoring my blog's popularity.

Now I know that you could care less whether I feel popular or not, but bear with me. I have deep emotional scars going back to my junior high school social-inadequacy traumas that make me disgustingly needy when it comes to knowing if anybody is bothering to read my little Cruseland chronicle. (ARE YOU STILL PAYING ATTENTION???)

Good. Here's what I need for you to do so that your RSS subscription will not abruptly vanish and leave you stranded in a Cruse-deprived wasteland.

(1) Please return to my weblog's home page by clicking on this link.

(2) Subscribe all over again as if you hadn't done so before. (Remember: subscribing doesn't cost you anything!)

That's it! That's all you need to do. If you follow these simple instructions your new RSS subscription will take over where your old one left off.

But if you don't do as I ask, you'll never hear from my blog again and will mistakenly believe that I am no longer adding new entries. Others will continue to bask in my amusing words and pictures regularly while your life becomes sadder, emptier, and more isolated by the day. Eventually you'll have to increase your daily dosage of anti-depressants just to fend off thoughts of suicide. That could be costly.

So don't let such a sad fate befall you.



June 12, 2006

Problems Re-Subscribing?

A friend who dutifully attempted to follow my entreaty in yesterday's post has emailed me thus: "Thanks. but I must confess when I clicked [the link provided] as directed ... I still couldn't figure out how to subscribe."

One thing that may have been confusing to my friend is that, since he was reading my post on its primary home page rather than on the page provided to RSS subscribers, clicking the link would itself produce no effect, since the point of that link was to make sure that the act of resubscribing was being untaken from the correct starting point. If you want to see what I mean, click here.

Y'see? If you're not already accessing this page via an RSS feed, nothing will change, because you're already standing where I need you to stand.

But beyond that curiosity, my friend may be encountering a speed bump that was discussed here back in March, which seemed to be related to platform and browser issues. Specifically, readers who have used Microsoft Explorer to arrive at this blog may encounter resistance if they try to subscribe.

This can be overcome! Or at least, I assume it can, since I've received no further complaints since the following two entries were posted.

First read the post from March 24.

Then read the followup from March 27.

If neither of these proves helpful, please let me know. I want my loyal readers to be able to subscribe to my timeless ramblings if they wish to.

P.S. When I'm reading RSS-enabled blogs on my Mac using Safari, there's a little blue RSS icon at the top of the page (see my illustrations yesterday and today) that will start the subscription ball rolling if you click on it. If you're a Windows user and you don't spot such an icon, scroll down the page and look for a sidebar link that reads something along the lines of "Subscribe to this weblog."

July 22, 2006

Been Here Lately?

There are currently twelve million bloggers online, according to a report by Felicia R. Lee in last Thursday's New York Times (July 20, 2006).

That's me: not just one in a million, but one in twelve million!

(What took Howard so long? I'm sure you were asking before I finally jumped into the swim last February. The 11,999,999 weblogs already available for perusal could hardly have been leaving you sated, after all. Only the addition to the mix of my own inimitable ruminations could possibly fill the gaping online vacuum that remained.)

So here I am, and a few people seem to be reading what I write. Some dedicated blog-readers even leave comments responding to my posts. God bless them every one, since each such instance of individual feedback helps reassure me that I am not performing for an empty house.

Usable data remains scarce, though, about what's being most or least enjoyed by the larger (if not necessarily large) pool of silent visitors who may or may not find find old drawing from my files amusing or care to learn from me that my dog is cute.

Still, each bit of data is useful, so I took note when a friend told me recently that he resists posting feedback about my entries because to do so he would first be required to register his email address with an online service called TypeKey.

His unease is understandable, since giving one's name and email address to any online entity brings with it fears that a fresh flood of spam will follow.

But for what it's worth: the TypeKey authentication process comes recommended by Jason Bergman, the trusted friend who's been my full-service web enabler for years. Indeed, not only is a registree's confidentiality respected by TypeKey but the service also functions as a deterrent to twisted souls who might be inclined to maliciously undermine the blog itself.

"Spam became a major problem for me when I had free-for-all comment posting," Jason explains with regard to his own blogging experiences, "and I just got sick of it. With TypeKey, that's not much of a problem. ... Plus you can ban people this way if they post anything offensive. Again it's rare, but it's nice to have that power."

I give weight to Jason's opinions in general, and there's no denying that some blogs have been seriously — in some cases even fatally — overwhelmed by malicious flamers eager to dump truckloads of negativity into a weblog's comment bin unless someone is checking IDs at the door. And openly gay bloggers like me can be especially tempting targets.

Hence my mild little TypeKey shield. But really, no one should mistake its presence for an unwelcome mat.

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