Back in 2002
my old comic strip Barefootz
briefly sprang to life again at a web site called

How did that happen?

Well, here's the deal. I ran into the site's editor, Joey Manley, and one of Joey's regular contributors, Tom Hart (creator of Hutch Owen and now co-founder with Leela Corman of the Sequential Arts Workshop in Florida) in New York one day; and in the course of conversation they told me about Serializer and suggested that I consider joining its roster of regular webcomics creators.

I couldn't help being intrigued. As you might suspect from a tour of Howard Cruse Central, I like the way my comics look when they're displayed on a bright computer screen.

It wasn't practical, though, for me to both write and draw a brand-new series at that time. So I suggested that I draw new, full-color episodes that were formatted for the Web and based on Barefootz single-pagers that had originally appeared in underground comix books and Comix Book magazine during the 1970s. And just for fun I promised, when time permitted, to slip in some episodes that were completely new.

Above: Revisiting the old strips allowed me to bring a fresh fluidity to the images

Joey liked the idea, and so the episodes posted here began appearing weekly in 2002 under the title Barefootz: The Web Incarnation. The series ran for almost a year. Maybe you saw them when they were first posted; if not, enjoy them now.

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