Post-'70s Sightings

Even though I stopped drawing Barefootz in 1979, I remained haunted by my awareness that if all of the Barefootz strips and stories I had drawn for Marvel's Comix Book in 1974-75 were to be gathered together, I would have the makings of a fourth Barefootz comic book. Original copies of Comix Book had grown hard to find in the 1980s, and I hated for those stories from Barefootz's peak years to be forever lost.

When Deni Loubert launched Renegade Comics in the mid-'80s, I mentioned this to her. She liked the idea. Jim Shooter at Marvel Comics graciously granted us one-time rights to put the still-trademarked Comix Book name and logo on our cover and cleared the way for me to regain all rights to the stories I had drawn for Marvel's short-lived experiment. In 1986 Renegade released Barefootz: The Comic Book Stories and I breathed a sigh of relief.