I do my initial scan as a 600dpi bitmap ("line art") image. This is a higher resolution than I will ultimately need, but it pays to have a clean, high-rez version of your drawing stored away for later retrieval if special challenges arise.

I usually label this first scan as my "B&W Master" drawing. I check it for flaws and do a few onscreen touch-ups if necessary. Then I create the differently named copy (FILE>SAVE AS...) that I will use for the actual coloring.

I reduce the copy's resolution (IMAGE>IMAGE SIZE...) to 300dpi (the resolution commonly used by magazines) and change its mode (IMAGE>MODE...) to either CMYK or RGB, depending on whether the drawing will ultimately appear in print or be displayed in pixels on a computer screen. (You can't convert directly from a bitmap image to CMYG or RGB, by the way. You have to first convert to Grayscale and then complete the change to color.)

Artwork and the text for this demo are ©2001 by Howard Cruse / All rights reserved