I'd been out of the closet for several years when I met my first lover, Don Higdon.

We were a couple for four years, from 1970 through 1973.

Don was still a student at Birmingham-Southern during our first three years together.

He was an aspiring actor with lots of talent, and we spent a lot of time fantasizing about the high-flying careers we were each destined to have.

At left is a portrait Don used as an 8"x10" glossy when he was looking for acting gigs.
Don was also a terrific artist, so we spent a lot of time drawing each other.

On the left below is a figure study I did of Don around 1971. Next to it is a drawing of Don playing the leading role in a production of e. e. cummings's play him.

(Trivial digression: Don's co-star, seen sharing the bed with him above, was Shannon Eubanks, who had a leading role in the original cast of the soap opera Loving.)
On the right is
a great drawing
that Don did of me.

Unfortunately, Don's acting dreams were sidetracked in the end by diabetes, a disease that kept his health precarious for his entire adult life.

He died in Los Angeles in 1993.

You can read more about my life with Don in the Preface I wrote for my book Early Barefootz, and you can even catch a cinematic glimpse of him playing a bit part in a movie, assuming your local video store carries the 1975 Don Johnson flick Return to Macon County.

(Don's the well-behaved guy on a date being harrassed by testosterone-intoxicated good-old-boys during the film's first five minutes.)

NetFlix didn't have a DVD of it when I last checked (in Dec. 2004).

Don and I split up in 1973. The good news is that we remained friends for the rest of his life. And the other good news is that a second great guy was waiting for me up north.

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