My first real job was assisting the Art Director
at WAPI-TV in Birmingham.

You'll notice from the photo above that I also served as a "number runner" for the station's coverage of the 1964 elections.

Hey, look! Here's Jerry Mahoney again, cast this time as Magical Mitch on The Grady and Howard Show, the kids' tv show that my friend Grady Clarkson and I put together for Birmingham's educational tv channel in the summer of 1963.
Later, during the early '70s, my hands (and voice) had featured roles on The Sgt. Jack Show at Birmingham's WBMG-TV (see below).
The late Neal Miller hosted in the title role of Sgt. Jack, a friendly State Trooper who could make animals out of balloons.
And let's don't forget my cameo appearance some years later as a pensive audience member on Donahue (see below).
The Road
Not Taken

I Coulda
Been in

Yes, for a while I actually had that much-yearned-for ticket to glory: an Actor's Equity Card, thanks to my stunning portrayal of a Miscellaneous Woodsman in the production of Robin Hood put on in 1972 by the Atlanta Children's Theatre

Pictured above is the Robin Hood cast posing on a theatre fire escape in Savanah, Georgia. (The dramatically backlit guy at bottom right was our director, the late Chuck Doughty.)
Just think:

my place on Broadway could've been nailed by now if I hadn't let my fragile link to thespian professionalism wither on the vine.

Oh, well.
That's life in the arts!

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