I usually throw a lot of pictures at my audiences when I take to the public stage, but sometimes I give my writing top billing. OK, maybe I lightly garnish my verbiage with images just to keep things lively, but mostly I try to keep my drawing hand in check in this section so that my verses, essays, or whatever can have their moment in the sun. So click a title below to sample my literary goodies.

In The Maw of the Great White Rabbit
A Playboy Cartoonist's Saga in Two Parts

Three Clowns on a Journey
A One-Act Play

Mrs. Frood
An Odd Encounter

Life: A Nonsense Poem

Being Here Now
Zen and the Art of Marathon Railway Transport

For Buffalo Bob
(In Memoriam)

and also...

New Self-indulgent Writing
by a cartoonist who should know better

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