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Auditioning? Step This Way!

In the course of doing bookstore readings from Stuck Rubber Baby I discovered that some scenes worked for audiences when delivered as words alone.

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The Last Sunday in June

Eddie and I aren’t in New York City today so the annual Gay Pride Parade will have to fill up scores of blocks of Fifth Avenue without our physical assistance. have no doubt that New Yorkers will be up to the task.

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Meanwhile, Thirty Years Ago…

This morning I happened on this unpublished comic strip that I drew in 1976. I was still living in Birmingham, Alabama, at the time, but my move to New York City was on the horizon.

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The Face That Munched a Thousand Milkbones

What’s not to love about a dog this soulful?

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What’s a Squidoo?

What’s a Squidoo? Damned if I know — but I’ve got one. Or rather, I’ve got a Squidoo "lens." Yeah, it sounds goofy to me, too, but I thought "Google" was a pretty odd name for a search engine the first time I heard of it, too.

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Family Occasions

Come July Eddie and I will have chalked up two years as a legally married couple, but he and I are the greenest of newlyweds compared to Hesh and Ev Sedarbaum, who this weekend will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary down in Florida.

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Problems Re-Subscribing?

A friend who dutifully attempted to follow my entreaty in yesterday’s post has emailed me thus: "When I clicked the link as directed, I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe." This can be overcome!

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Attention: RSS Subscribers to this Weblog!

I am re-routing my RSS feeds today so that I will have a better way of monitoring my blog’s popularity. Here’s what you need to do so that you will not be stranded in a Cruse-deprived wasteland.

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Pulling “a Holekamp”

I attended high school with a funny and creative fellow with the memorable name of Bill Jones, who devoted his working life to the ministry but in retirement has moved on to a second calling as a teller of tales on the storytelling circuit.

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Art Out The Door

My original artwork for page 129 of Stuck Rubber Baby is on its way to Canada this morning, thanks to a collector in Montreal who has just purchased it through Denis Kitchen’s online comic art marketplace.

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