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A Sneak Peek at Mark the Art Guy

He’s the title character of a cartooning project that’s been dominating my life for the last few monthsa struggling artist who is part pitchman and part cheerleader for All Things Adobe.

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Ain’t Adolescence a Gas?

When I was a high school sophomore at an Alabama boarding school, my roommate leaned on me to double-date one evening with his girlfriend and him.

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What They’re Saying (Sort Of)

For your delectation today: some comments (as translated by Google) from a Spanish web site about Dolmen Publishing’s new Spanish-language edition of Stuck Rubber Baby.

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Been Here Lately?

There are currently twelve million bloggers online, according to last Thursday’s New York Times. That’s me: not just one in a million, but one in twelve million!

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Trips Past and Present

A "trip" (of the LSD variety) is what I and some friends were winding down from in 1969 when we happened upon the Stonewall riots in progress and this weekend I learned that a young actor named "Trip" will be portraying my trip in a stage docudrama.

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And On The Home Front…

Friendly fire.

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Out, Out Damned Steps

Their days were numbered from the beginning. You could see it in the arch of the North Adams building inspector’s eyebrow when he first laid eyes on them them.

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Alison on a Roll

When Eddie and I were preparing to fly home from Florida, I picked up a Sunday New York Times at the airport. We were airborne by the time I discovered that the Times was giving Alison Bechdel her due.

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Important Rule Of Thumb

An important rule of thumb when mowing grass while five dogs are in the yard

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