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My Eavesdropping Enabler

Following up on yesterday’s blog entry concerning the difficulty of eavesdropping on comics sites where my work is being talked about in languages I don’t speak, my friend Jason reminds me that I can enlist Google’s automated translation tools to get a rough idea of what’s being said.

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Cruse Doings In Spain

I was emailed this week by a contact in Spain with the news that Dolmen’s version of Stuck Rubber Baby has won a Comics Critics’ Award over there.

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The Secret Is Out!

Now it can be told! Last night The Soap Factory in Minneapolis finally held it’s suspense-filled (not to mention bargain-filled) $99 Sale fundraising event, at which all of the artworks were unsigned.

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Comics in Scary Times

If you were drawing comic strips about everyday gay life during the 1980s, you could only sidestep the subject of AIDS for so long. Whether you were HIV-positive or HIV-negative, it was just too unavoidably, cruelly in the middle of your consciousness.

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9/11 Onward

Here we are on the fifth anniversary of 9/11. If ever there was a day for considered reflections on the state of things, this is it.

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Losing My Voice

I read in today’s Times that The Village Voice is busily divesting itself of yet more of the writers and designers who once made me feel linked to it, as a reader and a sometime contributor.

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