Monthly Archives: December 2006

Toland Goes To College

From time to time I receive email from college teachers who are using my graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby as a classroom text. Sometimes their students write me, too.

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Christmas Squirrel Humor

So what’s the deal with Santa anyway?

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Getting Weird With St. Nick

For its most recent three issues the Birmingham Weekly has been showcasing a bent Christmas tale about a world overrun with weirdly twisted Santas and more Christmases than a single planet can be expected to handle.

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With Apologies to George Herriman

Shall I take a moment to share my 1978 spoof of one of the greatest comic strips ever?

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Learning and Teaching

Last Wednesday I bade a holiday farewell to the creative MCLA students who have gamely endured my cartooning tutelage for the last three months. I will miss their weekly company.

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A Public Display of Affection

Avert your gaze, ye enemies of sentiment! Today is Eddie’s birthday and I am giving him a public kiss.

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