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A Spanish Nod to Barefootz

I discovered this week that a charming comics-focused blog in Spain called "Little Nemo’s Cat" has devoted one of its posts to the first of my comic strip characters to find an audience beyond Alabama.

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iChatting With Joe

I recently made the aquaintance by email of an interesting and creative Chicagoan who asked if he might conduct a video interview with me for his "best-of-the-underground" webblog, Canned Culture.

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Health & Blizzards

A couple of visits to my doctor’s office later, I can confirm that it’s an annoying but hardly serious ear infection that’s bedeviling me. The good news is that I’m clearly on the upswing.

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Laid Low

At first I thought I was catching a cold. But the grosser symptoms of a cold didn’t follow, so I revised decided I was just being thrown temporarily off-kilter by allergies.

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