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Roads Not Taken

Ah, the identity crises of yore!

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I’m on a cusp of some kind, folks. A creative discombobblement of uncertain duration has me thrown off-stride.

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The Ithican Observer

Stephen Frug loves comics, and pays attention to their inner workings with a level of attentiveness that is dazzling.

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What Do These Guys Have In Common?

What do these guys have in common? They’re all gay! Also, they’re all in love. Or "in romance." Or at least horny.

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A Mascot Takes the Stage

Fearsome deadlines are trampling on my blogging impulses this week, so I’ll keep text to a minimum and let the mascot I’ve created for the Drury Drama Team do the job of proving that I still exist.

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From Florida, From Poland

Eddie’s dad, being 97 and fresh from rehab, doesn’t feel up to gadding-about the country. Eddie’s mom Evelyn, being only 94, felt like hitting the road anyway.

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