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Who IS That CHILD?!!

It’s a clear sign of advancing age when you respond to images of yourself recorded when you were forty with a shake of your head accompanied by the question: Who IS that child?

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Web Guy On Paper

As longtime readers of this blog know (if the two years I’ve been posting entries to it can be considered a "long time"), I spent much of 2005-06 drawing a 14-installment webcomic at the behest of Adobe Systems, Inc.

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The Return of Evelyn

She comes north! She goes back south! Where will jet-setter Evelyn Sedarbaum decide to settle?

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October Newsletter Alert

Subscribers to my art newsletter got their Issue 2 Alert yesterday. Click here to learn what they already know.

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Small New England City Goes Art-Crazy

Despite ominous lingering symptoms from last week’s allergy attack, I made it through an Open Studios weekend filled with wall-to-wall chatting without once falling to the floor in a coughing fit.

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Mom’s Juicy Again

This Saturday night I’ll be in North Adams recovering from the first of two days spent shmoozing with art-lovers, but if I were in New York City you can bet I’d be at the launch party for Juicy Mother 2.

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Posters and Fliers and Site Maps — Oh, My!

This frazzled and overextended cartoonist has been graphic-designing his winsome tushie off these last few weeks, folks.

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