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Of Granny and Belle and Phyllis and Felix

If you were living in New York City in 1969, you may have seen press coverage about a procession of horse-drawn Hanson Cabs that paraded down Fifth Avenue one day, my college friend Julie Brumlik perched in the forefront.

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This One’s For the Trees & Hills Gang

Last year’s creator of unpaid content for mini-comics may well become next year’s widely lauded pro. Just ask Rick Geary,

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Why Self-Censorship Is “Green”

A brief pause to note the upside of the chilling effect…

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Shuffling and Boiling

Can’t get enough of hearing me expound about myself and my work even in the wake of those YouTube videos I point you to in my last post? Well, lucky you!

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Newsletter Alert!

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That’s Me All Over

Some pictures I’ve drawn have been surfacing lately for all the world to see.

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