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An Old Spoof, Then Spain

Here’s a rough sketch for a comic strip parody of Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury that I came across yesterday.

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A Brother For Ruthie

The irrepressible Ruthie has just been joined by a new brother, an event for which the planet must pause in breathless acknowledgement or be derelict in its cosmic duty.

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“You’re So HOT When You Talk Spanish At Me!”

"My Hypnotist" appears in black-and-white in Claro que sí cómics, as opposed to the full-color treatment it received in Young Bottom In Love. On the other hand, in Claro Que Si my characters spoke Spanish, which is more than I’m able to do.

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An Inspirational “Found Object”

Maybe ya shouldn’t have asked.

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“OK, So I’m One Year Old,” Sez Luna…

"OK, so I’m one year old," sez Luna. "Does that mean something is supposed to happen?"

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