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Some of you may suspect that I’ve lost interest in maintaining this blog, considering that two full weeks of silence have passed since my last post.

Some of you may even feel that diminished interest in bloggery would be a welcome sign of sanity retrieved.

The reality is that I have been forced to make uneasy peace — kicking and screaming in protest every step of the way — with a sad fact of the blogging life, namely: the more my life fills up with anecdotes that are interesting enough to compose blog entries about, the less spare time I have to actually write about them.

Things will calm down eventually and I’ll begin catching you up on the various things, big and small, that have turned my life into a perpetually harried race during the last couple of months. For now, though, I’ll grab a few moments of this brisk Saturday morning to share snapshots taken of me and my fellow panelists at that October 23rd AIDS & Comics panel in New York City that I wrote about four blog entries ago.

Serving as the panel’s moderator was New York radio’s favorite interviewer of comics creators, Ken (‘Nuff Said!) Gale (on the far left in the photo above). To Ken’s left in the photo above are Ivan Velez Jr. (Tales of the Closet); Chris Companik (HIV+Me); Jennifer Camper (Rude Girls and Dangerous Women); Robert Walker (Delete); me, Allan Neuwirth (Chelsea Boys, with co-creator Glen Hanson); and Abby Denson (Tough Love).
At left is a better view of the DVD Ken is clutching in the uppermost snapshot. It’s a brief but entertaining time capsule preserving conversations between Ken and an assortment of comics professionals during a recent comics convention. For those of you non-comics-freaks who have heard about these mass exercises in excess but never set foot in one, this DVD will provide a taste of the overall ambience so you can decide whether to seek out such events in the future or flee at the very mention of one.
Many of my longtime New York friends were in the MoCCA panel’s audience that night, but, typically for me, I lacked the presence of mind to click snapshots of them before they vanished into the night. Fortunately, Jen Camper sent me the shot at right of me and my cartoonist/animator pal Nina Paley, about whom I’ve written before in this blog and of whose skills I will forever live in awe.

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