Health & Blizzards

A couple of visits to my doctor’s office later, I can confirm my last blog entry’s self-diagnosis: I’m being bedeviled by an annoying but hardly serious ear infection.

Nothing to write home about, or even to write a blog post about, except I already brought up the subject last week so I figure I shouldn’t stay silent for too long or somebody will think I’ve lapsed into a coma.

The good news is that I’m clearly on the upswing since going on antibiotics. I currently can muster four to six hours of clear-headedness a day, which is allowing me to plug away at my backed-up workload at slightly better than a snail’s pace even as I grind my teeth in frustration at how quickly the productivity clock winds down and fatigue takes over again.

I’m not certain, actually, whether it’s the infection that’s making me tire so quickly or the amoxicillin. Either way, I’m anxious to be done with pill-popping and back to 100% again. Meanwhile, I offer sincere thanks to those of you who’ve wished me a speedy recovery in the blog’s comments section and in personal email.

While waiting for my full brainpower to return, I’m compensating today for my recent stretch of blah blog content with some pictorial entertainment. North Adams is in the middle of a blizzard at the moment, our portion of the one that’s been burying the whole country this week, and Eddie and I couldn’t resist bundling up and grabbing a few snapshots of us, Lulu, and the white stuff.

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One Response to Health & Blizzards

  1. Sue Grandys says:

    Love this pictures! So fun to see you, even if only via the web.
    Weren’t there new stairs in front of that house? Under the snow somewhere?
    I guess you wont be impressed with our 12″ of snow in Minnesota.
    12 inches for the entire winter. Unheard of.

    Glad to hear see you up on your feet again. Get well, and say hi to
    Eddie (and Lulu) from Sue and Chris.