A Logo for Doc’s Team

Last night marked the official debut of the new logo I was asked to design for the Drury Drama Team, the theatrical arm of nearby Drury High School.
Len "Doc" Radin, the director and moving force behind the awardwinning student theatre group, wanted a logo that was more playful (and less, uh, satanic) than the pair of tragedy/comedy devil faces that has served nobly as the Drama Team’s dual symbols for many years—images not reflective of any propensity for the teaching of dark sciences at the school, but rather an outgrowth of the high school’s traditional sports icons, the Drury Blue Devils.
Doc Radin (seen here all tuxed up for last night’s ceremonial induction of new Drama Team members), may ring a bell for some of you, since he was responsible for the photograph of Eddie and me in Purimspiel drag that delighted so many of my blog readers only a few blog posts ago.
A creative and educational inspiration to years of Drury High students and alums, Doc will not only enrich your mind but excavate your molars, thanks to his secret identity as a North Adams dentist doing business at 99 Church Street, where, by startling coincidence, I discovered a framed caricature of him hanging on his waiting room wall that was executed years ago by none other than famed underground comix creator (and veteran of the legendary Air Pirates of the 1970s) Gary Hallgren.
Above: Doc Radin in dentistry garb.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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8 Responses to A Logo for Doc’s Team

  1. Chris Foreman says:

    I never realized until stumbling on this page that the guy who did the caricature of me as a Harvard track star (not!) was a legendary popular artist. It was done on the street in Provincetown over Labor Day weekend in 1977 when I was with a girlfriend who parted company with me a few days afterward. It hangs on my bedroom wall as I write.

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  4. Ha ha…every once in a while one of those old caricatures will turn up. I figure during summers in Provincetown from 1973 to 1980 I must have done about 4000 caricatures total…and every one was a good likeness!

  5. Howard says:

    < >

    By happenstance Doc encountered Gary during one of the cartoonists summer stints as a sidewalk caricaturist in Provincetown. Doc only discovered that the drawing was the work of an important historical figure when I spotted the framed caricature and filled him in on the epic battle between the Air Pirates and Walt Disney Productions. (It’s a good likeness, by the way.)

  6. Blake Bell says:

    Glad to see an increase in your blogging, Howard! Keep up the great work!

  7. How does he know Gary Halgren?

  8. Doc says:

    Howard’s logo will serve us well for years to come. The students love the fact that now we have our own logo, making us special and apart from all the other organizations at Drury that identify with the blue devil. We all feel very privileged that we now have a “Cruse” logo! The logo is now incorporated in all our web site pages. We await more graphics from our friend Howard. They will be added to the web site as they become available.