Eddie in the Transcript

Eddie’s recent trip down to Florida to assist his ailing parents provided both time to ruminate and an even rarer commodity: time to write down his ruminations.

The result: an essay that was published in our local paper’s Op-Ed section earlier this week. If you’d like to see what he wrote in its entirety, click here.

"Walk north on Eagle Street from Main, lift your eyes above the roof line on the west side of the street, and you’ll see a faded (and, sadly, fading) advertisement painted on the wall: Kronick’s — Enna-Jettick Shoes for Women — $5-$6…."

—From Eddie’s essay "Missing What We Never Knew",
Published in the North Adams Transcript on March 26, 2007

[Note: if you’d like to read the whole essay but
the link above no longer works, try this one.]

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  1. Very sweet. And you were right to leave the notecard on the bookshelves.