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I awoke this morning to find email in my inbox informing me that the Spanish-language edition of Stuck Rubber Baby has won yet another award.


(Just kidding. I love accolades!)

To be specific about this morning’s buzz: Jaume Vaquer, co-editor with Vicente Garcia of the SRB translation (published last year by Dolmen Editorial), says the new award is called the Saló del Còmic de Barcelona Award. My graphic novel, he tells me, was selected as the Best Foreign Comic by readers who voted in an online poll. And Furthermore, I find that that my Spanish blogging colleague at Little Nemo’s Kat (who has already been more than kind to me in the past), had already left this news in the Comments section for yesterday’s Loose Cruse blog post.

Dolmen Editorial has a lot to be proud of, apparently, since Jaume points out that its books won four other awards in the competition as well.

I’m not personally able to read any of the non-English versions of Stuck Rubber Baby, being embarrassingly monolingual except for the smattering of French I absorbed and then forgot four decades ago. Nor can I read any of the online commentary about the translations that may be tucked away on the Internet. (Google, bless its heart, struggles nobly to generate its automated translations upon request, but the results rarely inspire confidence, since their syntax tends to resemble sentences spoken by someone who is being repeatedly kicked in the head by a horse while translating.)

Evidence suggests, though, that SRB has been fortunate in its succession of translators. Diego Garcia clearly deserves credit for doing my novel proud with Dolmen’s Stuck Rubber Baby: Mundos Diferentes, since this is the third distinction garnered by the Dolmen edition. (It won a Comics Critics Award back in September and earned a 4+ rating at the comics blog La Cárcel de Papel.)

In France, Jean-Paul Jennequin was the translator I credit with copping a Pris de la critique for Un Monde de Différence at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2002. And I’m grateful to Andreas Knigge for the Luchs literary award that greeted his 1996 German translation Am Rande des Himmels, which was issued in a gorgeous oversized format by Carlsen Verlag.

And even though nobody sent word of any awards accrued by Enrico Salvini‘s 2001 Italian translation Figlio di un Preservativo Bucato, a reviewer compared it to works by John Irving, and that that ain’t chopped liver! So here’s to you, too, Enrico!

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  1. Blake Bell says:

    Congratulations on such well-deserved recognition for SRB, Howard! There’s no higher praise for a work of art then it being defined as “timeless” and SRB carries that with it, a good 10 years later.