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DAVID TO HOWARD: I’m trying to replicate the motion swoosh [from the March 20 blog entry — H.C.], and I just can’t seem to do it. I made the shape with the pen tool, filled the path, stroked it and then started messing around with the eraser brush set at different opacities, but it just looks horrible. I can’t get it to look smooth and natural. Where might I find a step by step?

HOWARD TO DAVID: Say no more, David. I’ll be happy to take you more slowly through the steps I took to achieve the effect in the image below.

I think I’ll spell it all out on a separate web page, though, to spare my non-cartoonist blog-readers from having to plow through a bunch of Photoshop folderol they could care less about.

So for those who want swoops they can show off to the folks back home, click here and all will become clear (I hope)!

Below: The swoops without the dog.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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  1. Could you make me look faster, too? And thinner?