From Florida, From Poland

Eddie’s dad Harold has been in rehab down in Florida after a brief hospitalization. Being 97, he doesn’t feel up to gadding-about the country with a bum leg to contend with.

Eddie’s mom Evelyn, being only 94, felt like hitting the road anyway. So with Harold’s blessing she has been spending the week here in Massachusetts with Eddie and me. She says the relatively dry New England air is great for her arthritis.

I don’t know what the humidity level was when this portrait of a younger Evelyn was taken by a traveling photographer who set up temporary shop in the village marketplace in Ciechanow, Poland.

Evelyn was seven at the time. Her mother, back then, was keeping food on the table by rolling hand-made cigarettes for a living. This was an illegal enterprise for which Eddie’s grandmother spent several days in a Warsaw jail, says Evelyn.

Staying put wasn’t a viable family option for the long term, though. Soon after this photo was snapped she and her brother and mother would be crossing the ocean to America.

One of Evelyn’s vivid memories of arriving at Ellis Island was being handed a banana. She had never seen a banana before and had no idea how one ate such a thing.

I can see her point. Under circumstances like these, instruction manuals clearly should be part of the package.

Above: Lulu and Ev catch up on the gossip.

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  1. Well, we can certainly see where Eddie gets his good looks!