What Do These Guys Have In Common?

They’re all gay! (Did you guess?) Also, they’re all in love.

Or "in romance." Or at least horny.

Well, whichever term applies, they are all (along with many other similarly hormone-driven youths who are depicted by assorted artists in a range of fascinating drawing styles) sharing space now in a brand-new, full-color, 368-page anthology from Tim Fish’s Poison Press called Young Bottoms in Love.

Art by (1) "Clubbed" Art: Brett Hopkins, story: Jay Laird; (2) "First Dates" Art: Adam Leveille, story: Ted Manning; (3) "New Cake in Town" Art: Nate and Mike K, story: Tim Fish; (4) Art/story: Jack Lawrence; (5) "Grinding Curiosity" Art: Paige Braddock, story: Decker; (6) "The Coupling" Art: Melody Shickley, story: Fabián Álvarez López; (7) "Spike Johanson" Art/story: Dave Roman
If the anthology’s title has a familiar ring, it’s because most of the book’s contents were initially showcased in a long-running webcomic series of the same name, which amassed fans during its nearly four-year run as a popular feature at the Popimage web site.

Many writers and cartoonists had a hand in YBIL’s successive tales during its online run, but the gay romance comics series as a whole was the brainchild of cartoonist/writer/editor Tim Fish. And fittingly, Tim’s own keenly crafted comics dominate the book’s aesthetic landscape. He drew the book’s cover art (shown below, along with one of Tim’s cute-guy-just-popping-out-of-the-shower drawings) and he either wrote, drew, or was the sole creator of many stories within it.

I’m in there, too, I should mention. in the interest of full (and proud) disclosure. Tim and Popimage’s Ed Mathews paid me the compliment of vigorously recruiting me to draw the final installment in the series, a 5-page story of collegiate yearning called "My Hypnotist" (see the excerpted panel at left).
Although "My Hypnotist" spent a number of months on view at Popimage, Tim’s new anthology marks my story’s first appearance in print form (in English, at least). So far the reviews of the anthology that I’ve chased down with Google’s help have been enthuasiastic about Tim’s accomplishment and the assistance he has received from his fellow cartoonists.

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  1. Hello there! This is Fabian from Spain.

    You, you readers out there! You are welcome to take a peek at the book, but go and buy it right now! Don’t you know that Howard Cruse’s is in it? Isn’t that enough for you?