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Never say I don’t respond to my public! Martha Thomases, my pal and Media Queen at ComicMix, read my recent post about the cover art I did for Amuse & Abuse decades ago and suggested that that I adapt my cat-tickler drawing for use on CafePress mugs and t-shirts. So I have done so.

(Saturday is Martha Thomases Day at ComicMix, by the way; here’s a link to her column for today.)

It’s been tough finding time to blog during these last two weeks. A number of afternoons were taken up by the comics-creation workshop I led at BArT (full name: the Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School) in nearby Adams and a number of mornings were taken up preparing for same. I’ve also been adapting my Mark the Art Guy webcomic series for the print version that Adobe will soon publish as a trade show handout for Adobe Creative Suite 3.

On the home front, my husband (and ongoing partner in destroying the institution of marriage) and I have been keeping close tabs on Eddie’s elderly parents in Florida, who’ve been undergoing health reversals that could make more trips to West Palm Beach for one or both of us advisable in the near future. At present nothing seems life-threatening for the old folks, but these periodic hospitalizations do impinge seriously on their ability to go discoing on Saturday nights.

Above: Harold and Evelyn Sedarbaum, photographed during their trip to Massachusetts for Eddie’s and my 2004 wedding.

Meanwhile, fellow cartoonist Robert (Curbside) Kirby pointed out to me this week that an online movie critic named Dave (The Movie Watcher) White had included Stuck Rubber Baby in his short list of comics that should be made into movies.

From your mouth to God’s ear, Dave!

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  1. The mug arrived and it’s gorgeous, Howie! More!