Trev #3

NOTE: This is the third of six Trev episodes. To read them in sequence, scroll down to my June 21 blog entry and then scroll upwards to this one.
I came up with this proposed feature at a time when there was something of a welcome mat for me at the Village Voice, thanks to the interest shown in my work by the Voice’s then art director (presently viewable on YouTube, I only yesterday discovered) George Delmerico.

In those days the surreal drawings of Walter Gurbo regularly appeared on the paper’s back cover, which lured me into fantasizing that some decision-makers in the Voice‘s editorial hierarchy might tune into the sneaky way that Trev toyed with reader expectations.

George graciously sent my feature up the chain of command, but it failed to spark any interest. It was a pretty oddball experiment, I have to admit—partly because on the surface it looked so normal. (The ol’ Barefootz syndrome strikes again!)

Is there a plot thickening…or is just the tartar sauce? (The remaining three Trev episodes are coming soon.)

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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