Climbing Back on the Horse

Been super-busy lately. No blogging time. Head spinning.

But things are calming down a little now, so I guess I’ll haul myself back into the ol’ bloggers’ saddle and see if I still know how to stay right-side-up.

Evelyn Update: Upon sober reflection and with a wary eye cast on New England’s reputation for winters that show no mercy to 94-year-olds, Eddie’s mom reversed course last week and decided to return to her familiar stomping grounds in Florida instead of staying permanently up here in the Berkshires as she had been tempted to do.

Media Exposure Update: Not satisfied with devoting a number of column-inches to reportage by Jennifer Hubereau of the North County Perp‘s launch party, the North Adams Transcript followed up with a long interview with me that got grand, front-page play in the paper’s August 9 Berkshire Arts section.

The interview was conducted by Transcript Arts Editor (and fellow blogger) John E. Mitchell, whose checkered career history includes not only journalistic endeavors but the creation (in collaboration with his wife, illustrator Jana Christy) of the Very Vicky comics series, which was first published in the early 1990s by Caliber Press and is still viewable online at the Very Vicky’s Most Pleasing Cartoon Collection web site.

At right: A panel from "Very Vicky and the Secret of the Bronx Cocktail"

It’s always fun when a newspaper writer decides to give your every word his undivided attention for a couple of hours in anticipation of writing about you. It’s triple the fun when that writer has spent time enduring the slings and arrows (and partaking in the pleasures) of comics-creation himself!

Under the circumstances, it won’t surprise you to learn that John and I had plenty left to gab about after the "formal interview" was finished.

Still to come when I finish catching my breath: Riveting accounts of my latest promotional-graphics gigs, my contemplated foray into self-publishing, my upcoming art exhibition in San Francisco, and Eddie’s battles with fearsome bugs.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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6 Responses to Climbing Back on the Horse

  1. self publishing is kind of difficult at first, but you can easily learn the tricks of the trade -:’

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  5. François says:

    Self-publishing? Really?
    Anything that brings us more of your work!

  6. Good luck to Evelyn. Has she reserved a room for next summer?