Mom’s Juicy Again

This Saturday night I’ll be in North Adams recovering from the first of two days spent shmoozing with the art-lovers pouring into town for Open Studios, but if I were in New York City you can bet I’d be at the launch party for Juicy Mother 2.

The Juicy Mother "queer comix" anthology series is the brainchild and pet project of cartoonist Jennifer Camper, who put together the first installment a year ago and is now back with more, thanks to Manic D Press, who stepped into the breach when the first volume’s publisher was forced to scale back its commitments.

With the new book hitting bookstores now, it’s time to party! And as I’ve learned from experience there’s nobody more fun to party with than Ms. Camper, whose been a best buddy of mine since her comic strip "She’s My Two-Timin’ Truck-Drivin’ Mama" popped over the proverbial transom while I was putting together the second issue of Gay Comix in 1980.

Above: the book’s cover; a panel from my own morose one-page; and Jen Camper herself with a panel from her JM2 contribution.

So it you’re in or near the Big Apple on Saturday the 13th, hie thee downtown to Bluestockings (172 Allen Street) so you can meet a bunch of the Juicy Mother contributors. Not all of them can be there, of course, but some who will reportedly be making the scene are Diane DiMassa, Ivan Velez, Jr., Joan Hilty, Victor Hodge, David Hooper, Fly, Michael Fahy, Katie Fricas, and Chitra Ganesh.

Meanwhile, if you pick up the book you can also spend quality time with comics by the other JM cartoonists who, like me, can’t make it to Bluestockings this weekend (or if they can, are keeping it a secret so they can make a splashier entrance). They are Alison Bechdel, Tristan Cowen, Jamaica Dyer, Leanne Franson, Justin Hall, G. B. Jones, David Kelly, Robert Kirby, Carrie McNinch, Erika Moen, Sara Rojo Pérez, Karen Platt, Carlo Quispe, Lawrence Schimel, Ariel Schrag, Serpilla, Scott Treleaven, Robert Triptow, and Stephen Winter.

The are more Juicy Mother 2 events to come in other cities, by the way, so mark your calendars if you’re gonna be in Boston on November 4 (4 PM at the Center for New Words) or in Philadelphia on December 1 (at Robin’s Bookstore; check locally for the exact time). I can’t make it to the Philly signing but expect to be at the Boston one (along with Jen and Dianne).

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