Transformers: Home Edition

Above: "Cereal Lady" and Bazooka Joe,
two of this month’s newsletter offerings

I managed to put together Cruse Art Newsletter on time this week. Here’s me patting myself on the back for that.

Meanwhile Eddie and I are bracing ourselves for chaos as architectural plans are finalized for a home renovation project that’s going to turn our home life upside-down very soon.

See the room in the two photos below? That somewhat disorderly and yet homey living room containing a pleasant little old lady (that would be Evelyn, Eddie’s mom) and a serenely distracted dog (that would be Lulu the dalmatian) in full relaxation mode? Memorize what you see, because very soon this room in its present configuration will be history. Gone! Replaced!

Walls throughout our house will be ripped down; our entire configuration of rooms will be rearranged. Life in the Cruse-Sedarbaum dwelling will never be the same.

Instead, if all goes well, our home as reconstructed will be better suited for the 94-year-old woman who has recently become Eddie’s and my roommate. Our house as presently put together has been fine for Eddie and me during the three-and-a-half years we’ve lived in it, but what is safe and comfortable for us isn’t automatically so for Evelyn.

Eddie and I can get along quite easily without a bathroom that has an accessible shower, one that’s not a long walk through three dark rooms from where we sleep, and one that doesn’t include an illogical step downward at its entryway that is tailor-made to throw elderly folks with unsteady balance into a potentially bone-fracturing spill.

No, Evelyn’s needs are special, and we believe that the reconstituted house that we’ll theoretically end up with will make better sense for all concerned. We’re looking forward to living in it.

We are not looking forward to the weeks of disarray, dislocation, and debris-filled construction-work hell we’ll have to go through to get to it.

But hey! What’s life without a soupçon of gut-wrenching dread in it to keep us on our toes?

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2 Responses to Transformers: Home Edition

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  2. Thank you, Howard; thank you for sharing my special needs with the whole wide world!

    Oh, but I can’t stay angry at the young man who drew that charming “Bazooka Joe” strip. Scamp!