In The Blue Bedroom

Eddie’s mom has been back home for a couple of weeks now.

How’s she doing? Well, Evelyn’s got a lot more recovering to do in the wake of her recent hospitalization and subsequent stint in rehab, which can take a lot out of a 95-year-old.

But she’s happy to be undertaking her recovery in the newly forged, bright blue bedroom and bath that was waiting when she walked in the door. And we’ve been fortunate enough to secure the tender and capable services of Deborah Rock of Deborah’s Home Care, who takes care of Ev’s needs overnight while Eddie and I grab the sleep we need.
Yesterday Evelyn got a courtesy call from Luna Bemis and her mom Jessica, who along with Luna’s dad Andrew (who’s a fellow blogger; by the way; check out his ongoing commentary on movie matters at Cinevistaramascope) have been renting our upstairs apartment since last fall.
While Luna was sublimely gregarious as a three-month-old when the Bemises moved in last fall, she’s been experimenting lately with a new, shy persona. As you can see, having a green stuffed toy close at hand in which to bury your face when a camera gets whipped out comes in handy under such circumstances. (Or maybe she’s just playing peek-a-boo with Lulu.)

In the privacy of her home, however, Luna is less camera-shy. In fact, she was happy to show off her excellent taste in literature for her mom’s camera a few weeks ago.

And contrary to any suspicions you may be entertaining, Jessica insists that the picture was candid, not posed, and that Luna copped that particular book off a nearby coffee table strictly of her own volition!

Once she’s old enough to blurb instead of burble, I’ll know who to turn to for my books’ back-cover endorsements.

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  1. Such a beautiful set of pictures. You’re lucky to have a veritable modeling agency of lovelies on hand.