On The Campaign Trail

Eddie left yesterday to spend two weeks as a volunteer in Barack Obama‘s field operation in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. This gives me a perfect opportunity to show off two cool portraits of Obama created this year by two friends of mine.

The painting directly below is by Zina Saunders, who has a whole array of her similarly deft portraits currently displayed on her web site….

Art above ©2008 by Zina Saunders

…and the line drawing at right is by North Adams artist Sarah McNair, whose many accomplishments include contributing to the North County Perp.

Art at right ©2008 by Sarah McNair

Eddie and I are hoping that none of the ardent Clinton-supporters among our friends will get bent out of shape by our choice of candidates. Actually, we had a natural affinity for Dennis Kucinich, favored John Edwards in the Massachusetts primary, and wish both Hillary and Barack would pay more attention to some of the ideas at the core of their discontinued campaigns. But Edwards and Kucinich have withdrawn now and life goes on. Since one has to make choices in a democracy, we personally give Obama the edge right now when choosing between two contenders who each comes with drawbacks and strengths.

You can bet that we’ll be carrying the Hillary banner proudly in the general election, though, if she ends up copping the nomination. She’s not short on confidence-inspiring qualities (particularly when she lets her better angels carry the day). And we urge present-day Hillary folks to similarly work their butts off to elect Barack if his campaign for the nomination carries the day. Let’s don’t let the White House remain in the hands of the party that’s spent eight long years inflicting more damage on the U.S. than would have seemed humanly possible — even given the track records left by Reagan and Bush the dad.

Between Clinton and Obama, we think Omama offers more than his opponent does of what America needs in a leader today. So Eddie has packed his bags and headed to the Pennsylvania hills to act on his beliefs.

He does that kind of thing. It’s one of the attributes that made me fall for him 29 years ago.

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2 Responses to On The Campaign Trail

  1. Arthur is going to Pennsylvania next Monday and Tuesday for Obama. Perhaps they’ll run into each other, and Arthur can take off his socks!

  2. Useless comics trivia. Dennis Kucinich was my councilman when I was a teenager on Cleveland’s West Side. In fact, he once asked me to try my hand at writing political cartoons for his campaign. I didn’t come up with anything useable, but I always appreciated the opportunity.