Shuffling and Boiling

Can’t get enough of hearing me expound about myself and my work even in the wake of those YouTube videos I point you to in my last post?

Well, lucky you! An expanded version of that North Adams Transcript interview I told you about in my August 16 blog entry has just resurfaced in a new online setting. So now you can learn more about me, me, ME!!!

What setting am I talking about? It’s Shuffleboil, a quirky and smart new bloggish site created by John Mitchell, the Arts and Entertainment Editor at the North Adams Transcript (who conducted the interview in question last summer), along with his wife, children’s book illustrator Jana Christy.

The John-and-Jana Shuffleboil Show is a family project not mounted under the auspices of, and hence not limited by the constraints of, John’s more sober professional post at the Transcript. They do have a happy synergy going, though, since John’s arts coverage from the Transcript is apparently getting a second life in Shuffleboil. This is a good thing for artists like me who once got covered in the paper’s pages and, while appreciative of one day’s strut on a local paper’s stage, can’t quite be satisfied unless we’re the recipients of attention that goes on and on and on long after the newsprint bearing our names has been discarded or pulped.

Shuffleboil is far more than a recycling center for John’s newspapering endeavors, however. The site provides liberal portions of brand new commentary (which John refers to as his "mutterings and ramblings") about movies, music, books, photography, and every other form of art short of lanyard weaving. Comics and graphic novels get plenty of attention, too, I’m pleased to report. Beckoning from nearby nooks and crannies of the site, meanwhile, are wry off-beat features such as "Tiny People," John’s photographs of plastic figurines whose inner lives are revealed in accompanying captions, and Jana’s evocative drawings that capture fleeting moments of "My Year Writing This Book About My Year Writing This Book."

The fact that John’s interests include the comics medium should come as no surprise, by the way, since in an earlier incarnation (that being during the 1990s) he and Jana were creators of an indy comic series called Very Vicky, diverting installments of which are handily archived online.

At left: a Very Vicky panel

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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