“OK, So I’m One Year Old,” Sez Luna…

"…Does that mean something is supposed to happen?"

Of course, kiddo! It means it’s time for a back-yard birthday party! Which is what transpired behind Eddie’s and my house last Thursday afternoon, as Luna Bemis, daughter of our tenants Jessica and Andrew Bemis, turned one.

Above: Andrew shows Luna what a swing set is for; Jessica smiles from behind one of those yellow inflatable bouncey-bouncey ball-filled thing-a-ma-jiggs that adults haul out for their kids’ birthday parties; and Luna’s pal Jake prepares to launch himself down a plastic slide while his dad Chris hovers encouragingly.

Below: Luna learns about birthday presents (getting older does have its perks, she’s beginning to realize); Eddie gets a fire going on the grill; and Luna relaxes on the grass and wonders "What next?"

And on other fronts…

My author’s proof of Felix’s Friends (that new project of mine that I described in my previous blog entry) arrived in today’s mail.

I’ll admit I was braced for a letdown, since something always seems to go wrong when you send stuff off to be printed. But I have to say that I’m really pleased with the handsome package that Lulu.com came up with. Too bad it’s only available for now from the Lulu Marketplace.


I discovered last week that the TV interview I did in April at WPSU in connection with my talk at Penn State can now be viewed online at the PBS station’s web site. Part of WPSU’s Inside Out series, the interview was conducted by Patty Satalia.

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One Response to “OK, So I’m One Year Old,” Sez Luna…

  1. Arthur’s first birthday party was really, really fun. Babies enjoy opening presents, no matter what’s inside. They are easily amused. Grown-ups are encouraged to attend and have a good time.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.