A Brother For Ruthie

Breaking News: The irrepressible Ruthie, whom you met in this blog a couple of years ago, has just been joined by a new brother, which is the kind of event for which the planet must pause in breathless acknowledgement or be derelict in its cosmic duty. At least, that’s the way I see it!

Below: Briefly setting aside their ongoing efforts to destroy civilization by being doting gay daddies right out there in front of everybody, young Alex’s new parents Adam Weinstein (seen on the left below) and Rodrick Dial (seen cradling Alex while Ruthie beams) take a moment to coo at the new arrival while the paparazzi’s cameras click.

Hmm. Upon reflection I suppose it’s possible that my reflexive enthusiasm for happy developments among my friends led me to wax hyperbolic in my opening paragraph. But since Eddie and I did receive some great photos of Ruthie’s newly expanded family by email this week, I can’t resist sharing at least one of them with you.

Meanwhile . . .
. . . another month having rolled around, subscribers to my art newsletter got their Issue 9 Alert today.

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