Obscure Drawings of Yore

Obscure Drawings of Yore

Tying Up the Line

Back in the ’90s, when Eddie and I lived in Jackson Heights, it took endless agitation to get our building management to install the wiring necessary for DSL connections on our phone lines. Until that was accomplished, none of the tenants who weren’t cable TV subscribers could access the Internet while their apartment mates were using the telephone.

I did this drawing for a flier agitating against this blatant injustice.

What exactly is
going on here?

This experiment in watercolor and felt tip marker adorability dates back to my college days, as best I can recall. It’s a stylistic experiment that I clearly didn’t pursue.

Why is the little girl holding her dress aloft, and is she wearing panties? This is an uncomfortable line of inquiry best left unpursued, I think.

Bad New for Auto-Workers

Robots seem to be ruling in this Detroit nightmare. My best guess is that it’s an illustration for a Starlog piece, but I can’t swear to it.

P.S.: Thanks

Yesterday I got my first royalty check from Lulu.com, generated by those of you who ventured online to buy copies of Felix’s Friends.

Your patronage is much appreciated.


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