Quick Flash

Quick Flash

Bumping into Arizona author Steve Ringgenberg recently in deepest Facebookland after decades of zero contact with him took me back to 1984. That’s when Steve sat me down for the long interview that ultimately appeared in issue 111 (September 1986) of the Comics Journal.

Being a Flash Gordon fan, Steve invited me once our interview was finished to commit my personal take on the classic comic-strip space-opera hero to paper, which is how the spoof above (which ended up running in TCJ as part of my interview) came into being.

Bite-Sized Morsels

Eddie thinks I snore weirdly in a worrisome way, so I spent a night in Pittsfield this week getting checked out for sleep apnea. I won’t know what the story is for a while, since there are all kinds of charts and data to be analyzed, not to mention night-vision videos of me tossing back and forth with wires attached to various parts of my body like spaghetti that’s wrapped around the prongs of a fork. All in all, it’s not as bad a way as you might think to catch forty winks.

Besides that, I began applying myself seriously this week both to editing some submissions that have come in for issue #2 of the North County Perp and to chipping away at a comic strip of my own that I plan to include.

And to follow up on my mention a short time ago of the pen-and-ink portrait I did of DC Comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson: the BMA Audio CD for which that drawing is serving as cover art (a recording of the Major’s short story "The Road Without Turning") is now available for online purchase at the BMA Audio web site. And it’ll also be for sale at the upcoming Comic-Con International in San Diego, where you’ll be able to get it signed by the Major’s irrepressible grandaughter, my pal Nicky Heron Brown, herself.



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