Sina Makes the Scene

If you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender comic book creator in America, the chances are better than even that you’ve been visited in recent weeks by a young cartoonist from England named Sina Shamsavari.

While talking shop and politics with an ebullient guy like Sina (see the ten probing pages he devoted to his hair-related issues in The Book of Boy Trouble for a taste of Sina’s comic sensibility) is reason enough to hang out with him, Sina has been wearing his academic hat during his recent mission in the U.S. He is gathering gather interviews for a PhD. thesis-in-progress on the subject of "queer comics," and to that end he seems to have dropped in on every gay colleague I know while I was in Spain. Both Robert Triptow of San Francisco and Robert Kirby of Minneapolis have hosted him, to cite just the two I’ve had interactions with lately, and Sina mentioned several other interviewees who have sat for interviews with him during this visit to our shores. Yet for all that he still had energy enough to include North Adams in his extensive travels once Eddie and I were back from our overseas trip. A determined and rugged student of the cartoon arts is this Sina.


…I’ll be down at the Eclipse Mill Gallery tomorrow helping curator Charles Giuliana to hang my portion of the "What’s So Funny?" group show that’ll be opening this Friday (September 5). If you’re anywhere near North Adams this week, don’t forget to drop by the gallery between 6 and 8 that day for conversation, cheese, and amusing artwork. And if you can’t get to the reception, the show will still be available for viewing on weekend afternoons through September and the first five days of October.

Also coming up…

…I begin teaching my Cartooning course at MCLA this Thursday. Gotta get the ol’ syllabus in order for that. Slacker students beware: this ‘tooner prof means business!

And for those who’ve been inquiring, I really do plan to post some of Eddie’s and my photos from Spain and France here on the blog soon. I’ve got the pix selected and ready; now it’s just a matter of writing a few explanatory captions.

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  1. What’s up? Things are going fine here in Spain. I’m working on a new comic with a new artist, I promise to show you some images as soon as we have some finished pages. I haven’t still developed the photographs, but I assure you that I will send them to you as soon as they get handed to me by the lady at the photography store.
    This guy Sina sounds interesting; do you think I should drop him a line in case he decides to visit Madrid? Spain, as a country, doesn’t have a lot of famous gay and lesbian cartoonists, but there are some of us lying in wait behind the bushes, stalking unsuspecting readers.

  2. François says:

    Thanks for the photo of Sina, I didn’t know what he looked like.
    He does have wild hair!