Halloween Special

Being that the Halloween season is upon us, I feel it’s my duty to get with the program and provide you with something ghoulish.

So I’ve dug up three episodes of an old comic strip of mine from the early ’80s that seems appropriate to the occasion. They were drawn for early issues of Fangoria, a sister publication of my late-’70s stomping ground Starlog. Fangoria is currently celebrating its thirtieth year of existence, I see from a recent advertisement. That’s far more years than my humble Count Fangor comic strip racked up (although I’m told he reemerged for a while as a real-world wrestling star once I was no longer around to supervise); but then, what kinder fate could befall a cartoon vampire than to die at an early age.)

Anyway, I scanned three of the Count’s four episodes for a very early installment of my web site. That moment in the sun occurred a decade ago, so I’m hoping he has recovered enough by now from that earlier exposure to daylight to endure at least one more walk about the block.

INSTRUCTIONS: Clicking the links below to read…

"Table Manners"
"The Count’s Night Out"

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