Storm Surge Approaches Manhattan

During the build-up to my Birmingham-Southern College class’s recent 40-year reunion (described in my November 16 blog entry), I re-established contact with an old BSC chum named Hubert Grissom, who it turns out has spent at least the last twenty years subverting his respectable career as a lawyer with the unseemly pursuit of playwriting thrills.

I mention this because a reading of one of Hubert’s plays will be taking place in New York City next Monday (December 8th) at 7:00 PM. under the sponsorship of the Abingdon Treatre Company‘s First Reading program.

Hubert’s two-act play Storm Surge has obviously had at least one previous reading (see the poster above promoting its Key West outing at the Red Barn Theatre), but being showcased in New York will clearly take this play, which Hubert calls "a romantic comedy with a dark Coppertone underbelly," to a new level. 312 West 36th Street (on the first floor) is the place to be if you’re in the city that evening. Kathy Richter will be directing.

Unfortunately I myself won’t be in the Big Apple on Monday and hence can’t be in the audience for Hubert’s reading. But maybe you can. My own fallback position is hoping that some adventurous producers will be moved by Monday’s reading to mount a full production of the play up here in the Berkshires, which is crawling with high-quality theatre troupes, so that I will be able to see it.

Below: Hubert exchanges ideas with actors from the Key West reading of Storm Surge.

Photo credit: Richard Watherwax for the Red Barn Theatre in Key West

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