Don’t Dis Mother Nature

When Eddie and I awoke last Friday and looked out the window, we thought, "What a dud of an ‘ice storm’ that was!" The temperature was mild; there was no ice to be seen; and the only sign of winteriness was a bit of powdery snow in the air.

Not what we had expected. My class at MCLA had been cancelled the night before because of threatening weather that we were told was bearing down on us. "So where was it?" we wondered come Friday morn. Snarky thoughts about our ever-unreliable Berkshire weather forecasters began coming to mind.

Shortly thereafter, of course, we learned that North Adams was an anomaly and that much of New England was being described in the national media as a disaster area. Eddie got a taste of the storm’s true aftermath first hand when an errand took him a few miles up Route 2 to our east, where he took the pictures you see here.

Above: Notice Lulu the dalmation in the lower right-hand corner, snapped by Eddie as she contemplated the fallen tree that made the driveway to our Florida Mountain friends’ home impassible without a very slippery hike uphill from car to porch.

As I write this some friends in nearby Savoy have just endured their fifth night with no heat or light in their house, which they were able to escape over the weekend only because of neighbors who arrived with saws to take apart the fallen tree that would have kept them total prisoners otherwise. The power company says they may have electricity back before the end of the week.

Party Photographer

Ice storm or no ice storm, our party celebrating the launch of the North County Perp‘s second issue was held as planned on Friday night at MCLA Gallery 51. Like any respectable blogger I fully intended to document the doings extensively for you folks the way I did when the ‘zine’s first issue came out in 2007. To that end, I kept my trusty camera close at hand the whole time — and true to form, I had so much fun yakking with fellow partiers that I forgot to take a single photo. Sigh.

Above: Dramatic re-enactment of Howard forgetting to take photos of the Perp party.

On The Ball at Bowling Green State University

Fortunately, staff photographers at Bowling Green State University have their act more together than I do, and as a result I have some photos to enjoy of people pondering the pages of Stuck Rubber Baby that were included in Graphic Language: the Art of the ‘Comic’ Book, an exhibit that was assembled this fall in the Bryan Gallery at BGSU’s Fine Arts Center.

Pages of original comic art by Will Eisner, Scott McCloud, Jessica Abel, Frank Stack, James Sturm, and other internationally recognized creators were also part of the show, which was curated by gallery director Jacqueline S. Nathan.

About Howard

I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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