Weekend Report

Work by six student artists from high schools in the area went up on the walls of the Storefront Artist Project gallery in Pittsfield last Saturday.

One of the students in question is Zoe Villane, a talented young woman whose budding career path might never have intersected with mine had I not agreed to be her mentor for this exhibition, which not coincidentally is named the "Mentor Exhibition."

As the show’s title suggests, each of the student artists in the show was provided with (hopefully helpful) guidance from a Berkshire County professional artist. Since Zoe was in the mood to create a series of illustrative panels that told a dreamlike story in a kinda sorta comic-booky way, somebody thought that I might have something to offer Zoe. I’m not totally sure she wouldn’t have done just as well without my involvement, but getting to know her and to watch her creativity bubble at close range was highly rewarding.

Above: Zoe and me obscuring your view of two of her most intriguing panels. Below: An unobscured view of one of them.

Other students with work in the show, which will remain on view at 124 Fenn Street in Pittsfield until February 1st, are Danae Lagoy, Stephanie VanBramer, Dom Newell, Nicholas Dixon and Jaime Keefner. The gallery is open on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 5 PM, with a couple of weekday opportunities to see the show — Wednesday, Jan. 28, and Friday, January 30, same times as above — added on for good measure.

Also Last Weekend…

Getting to briefly see my old college pal Bo Walker at the Birmingham Southern alumni reunion in November only whetted both of our appetites for more visiting. So Bo and his wife, graphic designer Lynn Cole, took advantage of the three-day Martin Luther Day weekend to head northward from their Brooklyn digs to North Adams with their bright-eyed five-year-old Olivia in tow.

2. Their enthusiasm for making recreational use of Apple Photo Booth’s special effects (see below) is likely to be unbounded.

A great time was had by all, and I learned two things about five-year-olds along the way:

1. The more snow the merriers, as far as they are concerned; and…

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  2. Zoe’s stuff is great! Does she have a publisher?