Glenn Checks In

Remember Otho, the manic interior decorator in Tim Burton‘s 1988 film Beetlejuice?

Photo by Alec Baldwin

Well, the comic actor who played Otho in that movie was and is named Glenn Shadix, (seen in the snapshot above with fellow cast-member Winona Ryder) and he’s an old friend of mine from Alabama. If you’ve kept your eyes open in the years since Beetlejuice graced the multiplexes, you know that Glenn has gone on to play a wide range of TV and movie character roles, from being bedeviled by a monkey in Dunston Checks In to being a monkey in Burton’s remake of Planet of the Apes.

Glenn, who relocated to his home turf of Bessemer, Alabama (just outside of Birmingham) a while back after decades in Hollywood, recently asked me to do the drawing of him shown below to serve as the header for Glenn’s Ruminations, the new blog he is adding to the site.

Above: See Glenn being resilient.

And on the Booksluttery Beat…

…there’s a new interview with me in the February 9 installment of John Zuarino’s weekly Indie Heartthrob column at Bookslut web site, for those of you whose appetite for hearing me gab about myself is insatiable.

Glenn’s house in Bessemer burned up in December, which was a real drag. But my resilient friend was unhurt in the blaze and is forging ahead with rebuilding plans. And on the positive side, being propelled from his dwelling by an inferno does provide Glenn with an interesting incident to blog about!

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  1. tim burton does really have that unique style with regards to his movies,-`

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