French-talkin’ and Sita-lovin’

"The Guys" Talk In French

Here I go again: making waves across the ocean.

To be specific, my satirical two-page comic strip about the abortion issue, "Some Words From the Guys In Charge," was reprinted in a translation by David Fréon earlier this month for a French fanzine called 2016, the brainchild of editor Jean-Louis Reiprich.

"Some Words" was my contribution to the 1990 anthology Choices, which was edited by Trina Robbins as a fundraising project benefitting the National Organization for Women.

Nina Exists! (And So Does Sita!)

The existence of my friend Nina Paley, the animator extraordinaire about whose amazing project Sita Sings The Blues I raved in this blog more than two years ago while it was still a work in progress, has now been officially documented in the New York Times, which gave her and her film a great write-up on February 13 and then, for good measure, a second shout-out in today’s Movies section.

To Blog or Not To Blog

"Real" blogs post frequently, thus rewarding loyal readers who check in on them regularly. As I approach the new phase of creative exploration that will really take hold when I finish my last semester of teaching in May but which to some degree is already percolating in the background of my mind, it is becoming increasingly clear that I’m not capable of maintaining that kind of blog.

In pathetic contrast to friends of mind who post interesting stuff in their blogs several times a week, if not every single goddam day, I’ve been doing well to post two or three entries a month lately. Some of you have probably noticed. BlogSlacker!! you’ve probably been muttering to yourselves.

With my mind turning to new projects that are still too germinal to discuss, I can see that the frequency of my missives is, alas, unlikely to improve.

I’ve considered abandoning my blog entirely, but I hate to give up the occasional opportunities to touch base with you intrepid souls out there who have, bless your hearts, continued to check in with Loose Cruse no matter how many times you come away thinking, Gee, he still hasn’t put up anything new??!

Well, to ameliorate my guilt level, I’ve decided to inaugurate a new service. If you would like for me to email you whenever I post a new blog entry, just email me and say so. I’ll put you on a list of folks who’ll receive prompt Blog Alerts featuring the jazzy little graphic below…

…whenever I resurface, however frequently or infrequently that turns out to be.

Or you can depend on your RSS subscription, or just leave keeping up with Howard Cruse’s scribblings to chance. It’s up to you.

And if you receive a Blog Alert and don’t have time to check it out, don’t worry. You will not be tested.

Strictly speaking, of course, film critic Roger Ebert beat the Times to the punch by championing Nina’s film in the December 23 entry of his Chicago Sun-Times blog. Still, there’s something in the Big Apple air that instills in anyone who lives there for long (as Eddie and I did) the admittedly bizarre belief that an artist’s standing as a full-fledged occupant of the planet can never be fully established without a nod from the Times.

Above: Nina stops by for a cheery wave at the camera after my appearance on a cartoonists’ panel in 2006.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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0 Responses to French-talkin’ and Sita-lovin’

  1. Hello there, Howard. Best wishes from Spain.

    I finally managed to get a copy of that photograph I took of Eddy and you in the Underground.
    Can you believe that all the other pictures I took you were ruined by the film roll? I’ll send it to you soon.


  2. Murdoch Matthew says:

    Don’t know why you’re so apologetic. You signed on to no set of rules when you decided to blog. So do it your way. Alhough you and Eddie are good and close friends, we know we share you with several hundred others, many more central to your interests than we are. We like having your little newsletter. I check it about once a week. When there’s nothing new, I’m not disappointed; when there is, I’m delighted. You have a life, Howard, and it’s not a blog. Thank God.

  3. Yes, please blog when you can. Some is better than none