Next Stop: New Haven

Above: Me doing a slideshow last May at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Once in a while I’m called upon to leave my lair in the Berkshire mountains and engage directly with comics readers in presumably learned dialogues about the art of comics creation.

One such occasion is coming up a few weeks from now — on Saturday, April 18, to be specific. That’s when Southern Connecticut State University will be hosting, at its Adanti Center on its New Haven campus, an academic conference called "Subcultures, Semiotics, Sexualities, and Superheroes: Textual/Pictorial Methodologies in Graphic Narrative Media" at its campus in New Haven. (Click on the link immediately above for more details.)

Assuming that the gods of digital projection technology cooperate, I’ll be presenting an illustrated discourse that day about my own adventures as a comics creator. And mine won’t be the only "insider’s perspective" being shared with attendees; other comics professions who’ll be part of the conference’s graphic narrative panels are Gabrielle Bell, Abby Denson, Tim Fish, and Shannon Wheeler. (I suggest that you make use of their respective links if you’re not already familiar with the work of these distinguished colleagues of mine.)

And if you’re worried that your brain cells may not get an adequate workout from us artists alone, there should be ample presenters from the academic side of things on hand to do the analytical heavy lifting suggested by the event’s daunting title. An entire day’s programming is planned, after all.

Plus, in addition to the formal presentations, we artists will be spending time at an "artists’ alley" where we’ll sign and sell books or just chat with anyone who chooses to drift by.

The organizer of the event is named Michael G. Sivak — except when he’s calling himself Mykl G. Sivak, as he does in this interesting guest column about his personal history with comics that he posted on February 18 at Popimage.

I know that most of you reading this don’t live in or within easy reach New Haven. But some of you may, and if you drop in for a day of comics submersion I’ll enjoy seeing you.

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