Alive and On Radio

Above: My 1981 cover art for the second issue of Gay Comix, digitized and spruced up a bit in anticipation of the book collection that I’m in the process of pulling together of my never reprinted or long-out of-print gay-themed comics from the last thirty years.

A bit of publicity is now surfacing to promote this weekend’s comics conference at Southern Connecticut State University, at which I and several other comics creators will be making presentations about our work. For example, here’s an online piece about the event written by Christopher Arnott, a reporter for the New Haven Advocate.

And if you’re within range of New Haven radio station WNPR (or enjoy streaming its broadcasts off the web or downloading them in Podcast form), you can listen to an hour-long live gabfest about the conference on the station’s "Where We Live" series this Friday (April 17) between 9 and 10 AM. Comics historian Dr. William Foster III and conference organizer Michael G. Sivak will be John Dankosky‘s guests for the hour, and I’ll be brought into the discussion by phone, I’m told, around 9:20.


…today is Eddie’s and my anniversary. Congratulations to us! It’s been a good thirty years, loverboy.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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  1. Happy anniversary! And may you have many, many more.

  2. joe c says:

    Whew, I’m relieved to hear. I’ve heard of so many problems other people have had when it came time to reprint old stuff (older than yours usually, but you never know) that I had to check. Can’t wait to have so much of your work together in one place!

  3. Howard says:

    Joe, you are so incredibly thoughtful to ask that!

    Actually, as a rule, in the pre-digital era, I tried never to let any original artwork out of my hands without saving a high-quality velox print of it. This made it possible for me to scan all of the old Wendel strips for my 2000 Wendel All Together collection even though many of the pages had been purchased by people like you. The same is true of “Billy Goes Out.”

    The originals I WISH I still had in hand are the highly zipatoned pages from the late ’70s, which ARE murder to scan, even from good veloxes (as I wrote about in a recent blog entry). But I’ve got everything I need for my contemplated new collection of gay stuff and don’t need to borrow anything back from you.

    But as I said, you’re a prince of a guy to ask!

  4. joe c says:

    Howard, do you need to hunt down any of your original art for the pieces you want to reprint, or do you still have negatives around for most of it? I’ve got a few pieces I bought from you some 20+ years back including some Wendel pages and “Billy Goes Out” from Gay Comix #1. –joe