West Coast Report (Part 1)

Aunt Fagie has long been a favorite relative of Eddie’s and mine. Below is a 1982 sketch of mine drawn during one of her stays with us in New York City. The occasion for her cartoon cameo was our moment of familial self-indulgence when we were strolling through Greenwich Village one afternoon at the height of the Sedutto’s Ice Cream Shop craze in Manhattan.

Eddie and I hung out with some really big trees in Oregon last week.

While we were in Portland we paid a visit to Eddie’s aunt, who is known to the world as Laura Carper but who enjoyed within the Sedarbaum family the nickname "Fagie," derived from the Yiddish word for "little bird."

In her day Fagie wrote about social issues for the New York Review of Books and other publications, as is indicated by the link above.

During our too-brief stay in Portland we grabbed an evening to visit with cartoonist Vaughn Frick, a longtime friend and earlky Gay Comix contributor, seen below in his amazing backyard garden.

As you can see from the example below, Vaughn’s garden is as lush as his artwork.

Above: A typically rich panel from "Our Love Was Too Cosmic" (Gay Comix #10), which Vaughn illustrated in collaboration with the late writer/cartoonist Michael J. Goldberg. (©1988 by Vaughn & M. J. Goldberg)

Below: Vaughn has a great dog, too — always an indicator of good moral character.

Characters shown above: © by their respective creators, whose names will be revealed in my blog entry to follow.

From Portland we drove our rental car down to San Francisco, where among other things we spent all day Sunday gabbing with my cool big brother Allan, who is retiring this month from his long-held tenured position as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco.

This marks Allan’s debut appearance in my blog, although his nine-year-old self has been lurking for quite some time at the bottom of this page of my web site.

Today’s Puzzle

What two things do the cartoonists who drew the characters in the montage below have in common?

Look for the answer in my next blog entry!

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2 Responses to West Coast Report (Part 1)

  1. Charlie Metcalfe says:

    Not sure just where you happy travelers are right, but I wanted to be sure you knew of the death of Jim Walbert on last Sunday. If you enter his name in google you had read the newspaper items.
    I’d lke a long phone chat with either or both of you sometime in the future, youall are probably away right now, and I will be also starting on Saturdy.

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