Our Purimspiel!: Broadway-Bound, Perhaps?

Eddie and I cemented our growing reputations as the local drag queens to watch with our performances in the musical Purimspiel! that unfolded last night to the rapt astonishment of attendees at Congregation Beth Israel here in North Adams.
Not a few heads ignited with shock and awe in response to my highly original interpretation of King Ahashverosh’s tragically discarded queen Vashti, but it was Eddie’s moving portrayal of noble Queen Esther that had audience members wondering Why is this guy building newsletters and web sites at the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition when he could be reducing theatre-lovers to tears on any of a dozen stages in Manhattan?

Shown at left: Yours truly as Vashti (left) and Ed Sedarbaum as Esther (right).

The script for this Purim masterwork was concocted by Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser. Humor writer Seth Brown contributed to the shows lyrics, thereby enlivening tunes stolen from a number of distinguished sources.

Below left: The full ensemble assembles. Below right: There not being a lot for Vashti to do once she is beheaded, I busied myself by helping with audience cue cards.

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