Galleried Again!

Twenty of us LGBT cartoonists have artwork about to go up on the walls of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco on April 1st — assuming that somebody isn’t playing a really mean April Fool’s Day joke on us! The folks at CAM seem really cool, though, so I think it’s safe to say that No Straight Lines: Queer Culture and the Comics will open as scheduled and remain open until June 25.

I’m told that Alison Bechdel and I will be being "spotlighted" in some special way. I’m flattered, of course. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to be there to be blinded in person, unfortunately, but I’ll do my best to cultivate an appropriate deer-in-the-headlights response from here in North Adams. (Note to Alison’s fans on the West Coast: Ms. Bechdel is expected to make an appearance at CAM as part of her Fun Home promotional book tour, so bee sure and stay alert for details about that treat.)

On the home front, meanwhile…

Emily Daunis, John Shamburger and I have been given front-page coverage (plus two more pages inside) in the April issue of the Berkshire Trade & Commerce Monthly, the occasion being our group show that’s still on view at Gallery 51 on North Adams’s Main Street.

Contributing Editor John Townes threaded together interviews with the three of us most effectively, and I really like the photographs that Brad Johnson took. Thanks for making us look so sage and creative, Brad. You were a whiz at getting me to relax while a camera is pointing at me, and that ain’t easy.

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I'm a cartoonist and writer, best known for my graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, and my comic strip from the 1980s, Wendel.
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