Scary Pumpkin, Scary Eddie

Hey, I’ll bet that this dancing jack-o-lantern drawing scares the pants off of ya, folks! Don’t pretend that it doesn’t!

Well, OK, let’s say that it doesn’t. Then let’s see how you feel about…

Scary Eddie!

Yep, right below is a frame extracted from my husband Eddie’s nerve-jangling turn in a promo video for next weekend’s Haunted Williamstown, the scare-fest concocted by our local mistress-of-Halloween, Ms. Juliana Haubrich. Last year she threw the residents of Eastlawn Cemetery a party they’ll never forget; this year she’ll be mining the ectoplasmic possibilities of the Milne Library at 1095 Main Street.

(To see and hear Eddie’s full performance, click the free-frame below and then tell the video to do its thing.)

The cool Haunted Williamstown video was shot by Aaron Taylor of Berkshire Productions, incidentally.

Less Scary Eddie

Whew! Now to help calm your nerves after that dose of Scary Eddie in action, here’s my hubby looking relaxed and reassuringly less diabolical in a recent snapshot taken by our pal Jason Brown of BMA Audio.

That guy on the left, seen chatting with Eddie and me, is Norton Owen, a buddy from my Alabama school days who for years now has been the Director of Preservation at Jacob’s Pillow Dance in Becket.

The setting for Jason’s snapshot was The Bookstore on Housatonic Street in Lenox, MA., where Norton, Eddie, and I were but three among a roomful of fans and friends who packed the joint last Saturday afternoon to hear mystery writer Richard Stevenson, creator of the popular Donald Strachey whodunit series, read from his newest brain-teaser, The 38 Million Dollar Smile.

Also debuting at The Bookstore last Saturday, by the way, was BMA’s audio-book version of Richard Stevenson’s previous Strachey mystery Death Vows, as read by the author himself.

A Closing Halloween Flourish

Would I be so cruel as to conclude this blog entry without subjecting your spines to a final tingle of frivolous ghoulishness? Of course not! Click the image below to remind yourself of one of the more spectral goodies lurking in my web site’s Comics Vault section.

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  2. I think Eddie looks frighteningly judgmental in that second picture. I wouldn’t want to inspire such a look from him.