So Long, Jim

Our pal Jim Groves of Savoy departed the planet last Saturday. He and his wife Cathy were among the first North County folks to reach out and befriend Eddie and me when we moved to North Adams in 2003 and the four of us have remained close ever since.

Here’s a link to the obituary for Jim that’s running today in the Eagle and Transcript.

Zina’s New Project

I’ve introduced you to Zina Saunders before in this blog. She’s a portrait artist extraordinaire who goes way beyond capturing the mere surface attributes of the people she paints, leaving you feeling that you’ve been taken on a journey into her subjects’ inner lives.

Compassion comes naturally to Zina, but she also knows how to insert a satirical needle when the inner lives in question belong to political figures whose hidden selves can’t necessarily bear up well under scrutiny. You’ll see what I mean if you check out the two book collections of her work shown above: Overlooked New York and The Party’s Over.

The reason I’m mentioning Zina today is that she has recently embarked on a new series of paintings that I’ll be taking special interest in as she develops it. Its title alone, Gay Couples: Love and Marriage, should immediately clue to in to why Eddie and I are personally grabbed by her plans.

As Zina explains in her introduction to the new series, "I was dismayed in December when the New York State Senate voted down the gay marriage bill, and I decided to interview and paint long-standing gay couples, both men and women, and ask them about their stories and their relationships and what marriage means to them." The first entry in Zina’s series (shown below) beautifully captures our friends Nancy Goldstein and Joan Hilty (and their dog Juno, who doesn’t seem to have a web page I can link to) while inviting them to reflect on their history as a couple.

A second installment in the series has already been posted, and Zina’s many fans will be eagerly awaiting future ones.

A Couple of Thank-Yous

Joe Palmer over at the Gay League comics site recently posted a friendly review there of From Headrack to Claude. If you’d like to have a look, just click here.

And let me not forget to acknowledge the similar support offered by author Wayne Courtois on January 7 in the Out In Print blog that he shares with four other reviewers. Click here to read what Wayne had to say about my book.

Meanwhile over at the web site for Mother Jones magazine on December 30, my book was included in the roster called MoJo’s Top Books of 2009. Many thanks for the cool new year’s gift, mom.
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  1. I am so sorry to hear of Jim’s passing .. thanks for the memorial and the link, Howard.